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We provide an easy and pocket friendly financing plan to allow you spread the payments for your system over several months with reasonable and negotiable terms.

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We offer a wide range of solar system solutions that can be customized for adaptability to stormy weather and different geological conditions.
Solar Borehole
Solar Borehole

A solar water pump does not require batteries so they can function with minimal maintenance for several...

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Solar Panel Installation
Solar Panel Installation

Nationwide solar system/inverter installations including solar panels, inverter, batteries using...

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System Maintenance
System Maintenance

System maintenance We can maintain systems even if they were not originally installed by us Battery...

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We provide one of the best solar panel installation service in Nigeria!

From pre-installation consultation service to actual installation, usage guidance and warranty service – we do our best in bringing a good experience to every client.

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Power up Nigeria

By offering Solar Power as a Service, we offers homes and businesses a simple and reliable alternative to the unstable power supply from PHCN.

Reliable Electricity:

Enjoy continuous and stable access to reliable electricity

Save On Cost:

You save on cost on the long-run while enjoying better supply

Safe & Silent:

Our solution is a safe, fumeless and noiseless power

No Worries:

You get a worry free with 5 years’ repair service