The Company

The Company O2 ALTERNATIVE POWER SOLUTIONS is a contemporary energy solutions provider with an emphasis in solar energy power production that forms a significant part of alternatives to electric power generation.  She was setup to provide services as a direct response to the emerging needs and trends in the dynamic and many-sided alternative-to-electric power generation industry, with particular reference to Nigeria.

The company devotes its managerial prowess to administering quality service and prompt deliverables to the satisfaction of the client’s/customer’s perception of managing his/her power/energy needs. We take responsibility of the entire process of this venture from the sourcing to the delivery of the products/services.

The company is registered under the Company and Allied Act of 1990 of the laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Company competency

APS. is principally involved in;

  • Solar Panel Installation
  • Back-up power (inverter) system installations
  • Solar street lights
  • Solar boreholes
  • Solar water pumps
  • Wind turbines
  • Energy consulting
  • Training

O2 Alternative Power Solutions has as her core competency in the sales/installation of renewable   energy applications for use in homes and offices.

Solar energy serves all the energy needs served by the usual electric power, in reference to Nigeria; Power Holding Company of Nigeria (PHCN) and electric power generators.

The major components are the solar panels that collect the energy from the sun and the batteries which stores up the energy for use when the sun goes down. Solar electricity once installed has the durability of at least twenty five (25) years. In practice it could last for up to fifty (50) years. However, the batteries should be replaced every five –eight (5-8) years. Apart from this there is no other form of maintenance. It could also be removed and re-installed in another location if there is any need to move.

Our Scope

We have made up our minds to become the foremost alternative to-electric power solutions rendering company in Nigeria, by making available our services to individuals, corporate organizations and governments at competitive rates.


O2 ALTERNATIVE POWER SOLUTIONS (otherwise known as ‘O2 APS’) is developing working relationships with stake holders and companies within this industry in her pursuit of excellent delivery of services to her intended and present clientele.  They include;

  • Business Offices and Companies
  • Private homes
  • Government parastatal
  • Schools
  • Small and Medium Industries


Progress so far

We have been involved in various solar installations in Anambra, Edo , Ebonyi, Ekiti and Lagos States.  We have handled jobs for government agencies like, National Primary Healthcare Development Agency (NPHCDA), Subsidy Reinvestment and Empowerment program (SURE-P), The Millennium Development Goals and Edo State Oil Producing Communities Agency. That is not to mention countless inverter installations for various individuals and corporate organizations within and outside Lagos. References are available at your request.

Our Promise of Value                                                                

O2 Alternative Power Solutions has compact and mobile work team, professional, skilled, diligent, disciplined and dedicated to handle every assignment with excellence as the end result.

In working with us, you are guaranteed of unparallel quality service, good return on your investment and great working business environment and relationship, that is concerned about, primarily, the client’s interest.

We believe that businesses grow with the right associations; we present you with one such an association – O2 ALTERNATIVE POWER SOLUTIONS.