We need Solar renewable energy- solar energy

We need Solar renewable energy- solar energy

We did, do and will be always need solar energy especially nowadays the economies around the world have rapid growth and the emissions of the greenhouse gases have reached the peak in 2019.

Firstly, if you pay attention to the the United Nations climate talks. We will catch the news all about the environment. Every country promised to reduce the emissions of carbon dioxide with the fact that the gas of co2 has climbed to the peak in 2019. It is an urgent issue and challenge left for human being


Secondly, in America, the natural gas beat coal in some U.S. States such as: California, Colorado, Arizona. But do you think that renewable energy can take place natural gas?

In the United States, coal has been the main fuel in the power generation industry until 2016, then it was replaced by cheaper natural gas. In 2018, more than half of new installed capacity was fueled by natural gas which accounts for more than 30 percent of total electricity generation. Renewable energies, such as solar and wind, are expected to be the fastest-growing source of power generation, and will replace the natural gas in the next two years. Utility-scale solar power generation is expected to grow by 17 percent and wind power generation by 14 percent by 2020. Utility regulators from across the states have begun to question the continued investment in new gas-fired power generation and in favor of turning into low-cost wind and solar power.

In other hand, wind power is subject to severe geographical constraints, and the use of tidal power generation requires much high seawater corrosion resistance for the power generation equipment. Once there is a nuclear leakage accident, the consequences will be very serious. With technological progress and the scale of production, the cost of collecting solar energy from photovoltaic cells is getting lower and lower which makes it almost economically viable in sunny environments. Luckily every continent has such environments.

As a result that the pain point that solar photovoltaic investors are always pondering– a higher cost– has been solved, and more and more investors choose to invest in solar photovoltaic as clean energy.

So, we do and will be needing solar energy to create our sustainable future.

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